SunSplash Farms

angus Cows

We have a nice herd of black Angus cattle.

Spanish Goats

This is our Herd Sire Oreo. He was acquired at the 2020 Spanish Goat Gathering in Murfreesboro, TN. from RCR and Randy Wood. He was the highest selling Billy at that sale, and the highest ever selling Gold Certified DNA Spanish Billy.

Lifestock Guardian DOG:

Meet Sid, our Anatolian Shepard Guard Dog that watches over SunSplash Farms.

Tropical Orchard

There is a vast array of tropical fruit trees. Some have already been fruiting.

About Us

Welcome to beautiful SunSplash Farms

SunSplash Farms

Nestled in Southwest Florida, SunSplash Farms is a working farm with Spanish goats, Angus cattle and a tropical orchard. We have Gold Certified DNA Spanish Goats that have proven to be very hardy for the tough Tropical - Subtropical climate. . The property was acquired in October 2015, and since then was cleared of huge trees and underbrush. The farm was registered in 2017 and development took place at a steady pace. Today a beautiful iconic red two storied modern looking barn sits quite visibly on the front of the property. Development is still ongoing. The tropical fruit trees including mangoes, tamarind, papaya, sapodilla, coconuts, sugar canes, banana, guava etc. have been producing fruits. The herd of goats and cattle have been expanding. This is a farm in active development. Please feel free to peruse our pages, view the picture gallery and visit the farm store.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision: Promote small scale farming as a sustainable business model that incorporates fun, relaxation and enjoyment.

Mission: Build a sustainable small scale working farm business with livestock ( goats and cows) and tropical fruit trees.

Core Values: Honesty, Respect, Hard Work, Innovation, best practices and dedication,

Events and Farm Store

Using an active working farm for special events can be exciting, but challenging. We are working on some upgrades. The farm store will be stocked with a variety of gift items including but not limited to food, clothing, farming, d├ęcor and miscellaneous items.

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